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Deeping St James C.P. School

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Mini Police Speed Checks project

On Friday 14th June, the Mini Police went on a visit to check for speeding vehicles using a speed gun with two local PCSO’s

The Mini Police with supervision from the PCSO’s completed speed checks to see what speed vehicles were doing along the Spalding Road which is a 30mph road. The Mini Police checked the speed of a vehicle and held up an appropriate happy green face for speed under 30mph and a red unhappy face for any speed over 30mph. It was a very interesting afternoon for the Mini Police who have learnt a lot about road safety and they especially enjoyed using the speed gun and watching the speed to see if anyone was breaking the law!

This activity was part of the Lincolnshire Fatal Four project that the Mini Police have been working on this term. The Fatal Four are about knowing the risks around speeding, drink driving, seatbelts and mobile phone use at the wheel.  They learnt why we have speed restrictions on our roads, what the speeds are on certain roads and why and what are the Fatal Four. The aim is for the Mini Police to spread the information about the Fatal Four and the dangers and consequences of them.