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Deeping St James C.P. School

Inspire to learn, achieve together


At Deeping St James our ambition is to teach History with the intent of inspiring an excitement in our children about History, beginning with their own past and local environment which sparks an interest that will last beyond their time at school with us.

The National Curriculum is the base from which our History curriculum is developed. We aspire to provide our children with the knowledge of the positive contribution made by Black Men and Women to our island story.

We want to give our children a knowledge of the history of the British Isles from the earliest times to the present day and how things change, or stay the same, over time and link these thoughts to their own present day understanding. To also look at the wider world, and as their knowledge grows, for them to begin to make connections between aspects of history.

We aim to teach our children the skills to look at, use, interpret and make connections between a variety of historical sources and evidence and support them to be able to analyse and question their findings. We intend for our children to be confident in developing, discussing and arguing different points of view. We believe that these skills and knowledge are progressive and also transferable to other subjects both during their time at DSJ but also into their further education and life beyond.

Pupil Interviews May 2023

From Yr 1 “History is really fun, way more than fun, it’s fantastic”

And Yr 2 “ I like History because you learn about the past”

“It can be exciting with the exploring you do”

“ I liked making our fact booklet”


“I’d rather do History than have break time”