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Deeping St James C.P. School

Inspire to learn, achieve together

Our School

Ethos and Values


Our Vision Statement at Deeping St James Community Primary School is:

Inspire to Learn

Achieve Together

This statement was developed through consultation with staff, children, parents and governors. Each stakeholder was asked to contribute ideas and words that best represented our school and what we wanted our school to stand for into the future. Key common messages were collated and our Vision Statement was formed to encompass the essence of these ideas and thoughts.

At Deeping St James we strive to promote high quality education, through a culture of enquiry approach to learning and an emphasis on independent learners, in a caring, secure and positive environment where the needs of the whole child are valued and developed, therefore giving them the confidence to reach their full potential in whatever they do.

We believe that a creative and stimulating environment is essential for learning, where knowledge and skills are applied and used in practical and real ways.

We aim to:

  • Use professional knowledge, experience and expertise to encourage individuals to fulfil their potential, take pride in their achievements and develop an awareness and recognition of the talents and achievements of others.
  • To positively promote the spiritual, moral, intellectual, cultural and physical development of the 'whole' child by sharing experiences and encouraging creative participation in art, craft, literature, music, dance, drama and other physical activities.
  • To create a stimulating school environment where children come eagerly to learn and feel valued and secure.
  • To deliver,  through systematic planning and evaluation, a broad and balanced curriculum and learning environment, where work is matched to a child's ability through continuous assessment.
  • To encourage children to use language and mathematics effectively, valuing a daily literacy and numeracy time. We recognise that the teaching of basic skills is the responsibility of all.
  • To encourage awareness of the scientific, technological, social, historical and geographical aspects of the local environment and wider world, to develop practical skills in these areas.
  • To equip our children to embrace the evolving nature of Information Technology in our changing world.
  • To develop sensitivity to each other's needs, showing friendliness, courtesy and respect and an appreciation and understanding of religious, cultural and moral values.
  • To promote high standards of behaviour and personal effort.
  • To help pupils to develop lively, enquiring minds, the ability to question, reflect and argue rationally and to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to a rapidly changing world.

At Deeping St James CP School we promote British Values.  Please find our British Values document below.