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Deeping St James C.P. School

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We love science here at DSJ! Our science curriculum is challenging, exciting and progressive across the classes. As well as developing subject knowledge in the different areas of science we love to work as scientists when working on our enquiries and investigations. The science curriculum is planned to be relevant, thorough and hands on and you won’t always find us in our classrooms. We have fabulous areas outside including our school grounds, the environmental area and environmental classroom as well as the outdoor classroom areas for year 1 and EYFS.

A very exciting development is the current use of our wonderful outdoor environmental area. Mrs Seaton will be leading lots of outdoor learning as part of the planned Forest School work. At DSJ we are so lucky to have and use such a great outdoor areas.

With careful planning to ensure the full coverage of the science curriculum our children achieve a good knowledge of the science areas, we build in opportunities for the children to look back at previous learning to enable them to embed their knowledge and apply it to everyday life. Vocabulary is often specific to science so teachers ensure the children have lots of opportunities to use the planned vocabulary to help them describe, explain and talk about their discoveries with subject specific words and a description of how they are working and thinking like a scientist.

As a Green Flag School, we have loved having an after-school Eco Club for a number of years to develop areas around the school and inform and help others think about looking after our world from learning about recycling, upscaling old clothing and developing some of our outdoor planting areas. The Eco club has now developed to an after school STEM club. The children love this development and are currently learning about water pressure with their fabulous water dispensers.

Each year we celebrate ‘British Science Week’ and the children love the additional sets of investigations and practical lessons as well as opportunities to swap classes to investigate with other teachers in the school. This year we also had an amazing day with a visiting science teacher from ‘Lincolnshire Outdoor Learning’. Outside our science lessons we also enjoy a set of assemblies to learn about significant scientists that have shaped our lives. This year we looked at ‘smashing stereotypes’ when thinking about key scientists to learn from. We can all be scientists!!

Mrs Matthews. 

Pupil Voice 2023

Years 1 and 2

'When I touch stuff. When I hold  (things) and when I’m sorting things. I liked sorting things into sets in the hoop.'

'When we solve things and answer questions.'


Years 3 and 4

'When we make stuff and complete the circuits. When we find out something we don’t already know.'

'When I get something wrong I remember it more next time.'


Years 5 and 6

'I like doing diagrams and tables to show results.'

'When Mr B asks us to find something from a previous week’s learning and we get points.'