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Deeping St James C.P. School

Inspire to learn, achieve together

Year 3




Welcome to Year 3


Mrs Doud (Assistant Headteacher)

Hello, I have been teaching at Deeping St James since 2000 and have worked throughout the school from Y2 to Y6. During my time here I have had many roles in school, currently being an Assistant Headteacher and curriculum lead for the mathematics and science group. Before having my own 2 children I worked full-time but since starting a family I work part-time with Mrs Glover as a job share. My favourite subject is mathematics, this is something which I really enjoy teaching to all the children in my class and hope that by the end of year 3 they enjoy it as much as I do! When not working hard, I enjoy spending time with my family, cycling and socialising with my friends.

Mrs Glover

Hello, I have been teaching here since 2001.  I have experience from years 1-6, but particularly enjoy teaching year 3.  My favourite subjects are English and anything creative.  Like Mrs Doud, before having my own 2 children, I worked full time but now enjoy a part time role. When not working hard at school, my family and I enjoy long walks in the woods and swimming. 

Our Team

Together we pride ourselves in delivering a strong education for your children using effective communication links to ensure that we are both fully well aware of all the children's needs. We teach to our subject strengths with a view that your child will receive the best all round education that we can both provide.

Mrs Doud and Mrs Glover  



Year 3 Planned Trips - Academic Year 2018/2019

This academic year we are planning some exciting, external education experiences for your children. The dates of these visits and approximate costings can be found here in order to help parents plan ahead.

Spring Term

Heights of Abraham - Tuesday 2nd April  2019 (Approx Cost £25 per pupil)

Summer Term

The British Museum - Tuesday 2nd July 2019 (Approx Cost £25 per pupil)

Rand Farm Park Mini-Residential 15th &16th July 2019 -  Cost £95  (£20 Deposit due by Wednesday 30th January, Full Balance due by Wednesday 12th June)

Roman Day

On Friday we had our special “in school” Roman Day.  It was a great day with lots of activities to keep the children busy! We kicked off with a fashion show to celebrate the fantastic costumes that the class had all prepared for the day.  Everyone enjoyed parading their outfits down the catwalk, some a little too much!  I think we have some budding models in year 3! 

The children learnt about the myth of Romulus and Remus – the story of how Rome got its name.  They then learnt how to create a clay pot using the coil technique, designed Roman shields, used the library books to find out interesting facts, cut wood for our villas and even had time for a fun word search. 

I hope the children enjoyed the day as much as we did! 



Heights Of Abraham Visit - April 2019

On Tuesday 2nd April Y3 experienced a fun, action-packed day in Derbyshire at the Heights Of Abraham - Matlock Bath. The children built on their science learning all about rocks; taking in the limestone caves and searching for calcite and lead on the Masson hillside. The children also experienced the vastly different topography of the land compared to our local area; Derbyshire having very steep inclines and tight contour lines on OS Maps yet Deeping St James, on the edge of The Fens, having none at all. Please take a look at our fabulous photos showing how much we enjoyed this hands-on, practical enrichment experience.

All excited on the long coach journey into Derbyshire's Peak District ...



Arriving at the cable cars .... so excited, we can't wait to go!



First sight of the cable cars and where our journey will take us!


How High Up?

Riding the cable cars...



We arrived at the top an had an educational talk whilst taking in the stunning views of the Peak District

   Our Year 3 class ... so proud

Now - strike a pose - interesting, very interesting :0)

Our bold, brave pupils getting ready to climb the Prospect Tower with only a stone, spiral staircase that had no middle. Hold on tight Y3 and don't look down! (And yes, we did send Mr Wilkinson up first after his safety talk!)


It was chilly at the top - but superb views for all our budding Rapunzels in the tower!

We then made the trek up onto the Masson Hillside - lots of walking today on hilly terrain for Y3. At the highest point of the day the children saw the Tinker's Shaft where the miners entered the mine  hundreds of years ago.

Some are looking a little tired after the walk!

The children then went searching for calcite, lead and crystals in the limestone rocks that are on the hillside. The children were allowed to take the best rock they found home - within reason of size - happy searching!





Our 1st Cave of the day 'The Great Masson Cavern'.






    After lunch we took another trek - down this time - to the Rutland Cavern.  As we were a few minutes early we had some team photos ...

Team Cooling

Team Bradshaw

Team Wilkinson

   More Team photos to follow later on.

It was then time to take in our 2nd cavern of the day - The Rutland Cavern




After all that learning some time to enjoy 'The Woodland Adventure' whilst Mrs Doud and Mrs Cooling brave the shop with 32 children who have money in their pocket!

Lots of fun was had by all!













Getting ready to leave, waiting for the cable car back down ...


Back in the valley - the final team photos of the day next to an antique cable car

Team Doud


Team Parsonage

Team Cooling

Team Bradshaw (Brady for short!)

Team Wilkinson

After a fun-filled, action-packed day it was a short walk back to the coach park and then a well earned rest on the journey back.  Our worn out Y3s enjoyed the movie 'Up' on the way home but for some it was all a bit too much ... ZZZZZ!




Many thanks go to our fantastic staff and governors who supported our Y3 visit today - Mr Wilkinson, Mrs Cooling, Mrs Parsonage & Mr Bradshaw. But most importantly, a huge thank you to all our fantastic, supportive parents whose contributions made today possible.

We really had the most amazing day!


Mini Olympics with Inspire+

Wednesday 19th June 2019

On Wednesday 19th June 2019 Year 3 enjoyed a fun-filled day experiencing a wide variety of active sports at the Mini-Olympics in Grantham. This event is superbly run and coordinated by Inspire+; giving our children opportunity to be part of an Olympic event. This included an opening ceremony, active sports, meet and greets with real Olympians along with a final closing ceremony in which all teams take part. Our Year 3 pupils were exceptional role models throughout the day and displayed all the Olympic Values: Excellence, Friendship, Respect, Determination, Courage, Equality and Inspiration.

Our 2 Year 6 Young Sporting Ambassadors were also a fantastic support to us throughout the day.

Here is a sample of photos to show some of the activities that the children were able to take part in.


The children were inspired by Olympians and athletes with amazing talents ...



Another fun day had by all and for the most we managed to escape the rain!!!

The British Museum Visit - July 2019

On Tuesday 2nd July 2019 the Year 3 class embarked on the journey into the centre of the capital city London - some 110 miles from school - to visit 'The British Museum'. This visit enabled us to enhance and enrich our Summer term topic 'Awesome Anglo-Saxons Vs Vicious Vikings'.

The children were all up at school, eager faced and ready for our early departure (7.30am) to join the commuters along the A1 into London. Many of us were happy that our journey to school each day did not involve so much traffic! Nevertheless, we had smiles on our faces and were excited for the day ahead.




A couple of hours into the journey we had a welcome toilet break at South Mimms - just before we crossed the M25 boundary into London.


   After experiencing Inner City London Traffic jams we arrived at the iconic British Museum.  The children were amazed by the size of the building and the fantastic architecture. We had a fun time spotting all the various animals in the South Pediment  of the museum. We spotted allsorts from turtles to alligators!


Can you spot class 3 in the picture?

Here we are ...

Yes and we're are all still very excited!!

After dropping all our bags off into the Education Centre inside we took a walk to the European Galleries to begin our studies of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking artefacts.  The children worked really hard to study artefacts from both periods in history and were able to see replicas too; which have been recreated from archaeologist finds.


Anglo-Saxon finds from the famous burial site - Sutton Hoo



Researching Viking Hoards and jewellery.




Busy, busy ...


Drinking horns and HUGE plates ...


Everyday Anglo-Saxon objects and tools.


   After all that hard work we were certainly ready for a little rest , especially as there were lots of stairs for us to climb! Then it was time for lunch - we were all feeling hungry and were ready for refuelling.

After our lunch we 'ditched' the clipboards and took time to take a look in the Egyptian Galleries in readiness for our transition into Year 4. We didn't spoil our next topic but were inspired to learn more about it after having a walk through these amazing galleries. We saw 'real-life' (but clearly dead!) mummies that had 'real' skeletons in! We even saw a variety of mummified animals on the journey too. We saw various sarcophagus', canopic jars, amulets, Egyptian tomb paintings and amulets to name just a few. Then we ventured into the largest gallery and saw the colossal statues and sculptures from Ancient Egypt; we even saw the famous 'Rosetta Stone!'.  Here are a few of the pictures to show what we saw ...


Look at the size of the head alone - let's guess how big the entire statue was in Ancient Egypt.


    Watch out Y3 - He looks angry!!

         The fist and arm from one statue in comparison to some Y3 heads.



Now one of the most exciting parts for the children (and the most stressful for the adults); a visit to the museum shop. The children have money, burning a hole in their pocket ... what to buy? So much to choose from!


The children all managed to choose from some fantastic mementoes from the shop to remember the day. They choose from a wide  variety of things from notebooks, pencils, pens, sharpeners, quills and some even choose a fantastic Viking Horn which we let them save to test until they got home!

Once again the children in Y3 were a credit to our school and I was very proud to take my class out to represent us. Many thanks go to Mr Danny Knight (a serving governor), Mrs Russell & Mrs Cooling for supporting me today - without their willingness visits of this magnitude could not go ahead.

Also many thanks to our fantastic parents who support us with these enrichment activities; without you they would not be viable to go ahead.

Rand Farm Park - Day 1 Pictures

On Monday 15th  July 2019 the Y3 class embarked on their long awaited mini-residential to Rand Farm Park. Please have a look below and see what a fantastic time the children all had in day one!

The Journey








Introductions from Kay - Owner of Rand



Meeting and Feeding the animals








Milking Demonstration - After Lunch



    Bottle Feeding the calves & lambs





Learning in the hatchery ...






Learning about sheep shearing, wool spinning and making bracelets






Helping with farm jobs - collecting eggs




More animals ...


Ice Cream Talk - Yummy!




   Fun on the Adventure Playground









The Air Cannon Arena










An extra excitement today was a cow that was calving - as some of us mothers know birth is not easy. There were some tense times and the vet had to be called in but we are happy to say that a boy calf was safely delivered by caesaren section. As we are the only school group on the farm today we were told we could name him but it needed to begin with a 'P'. 

We aptly went for the name 'Pythagoras' - well Mrs Glover is not here and maths is the important subject!!

'Punctuation' just didn't have the same ring to it!!!

So meet Pythagoras and mum - born today at approx 5.35pm

Do not worry the children did not get to witness this birth - we leave that education until they are Year 6!

What a fun-packed, exciting first day we have had - we are now all tucked up in bed ready for a full day of more fun tomorrow

Day 2 - Mini-Residential

Farm Jobs Before Breakfast

What do you mean we have to do farm jobs before breakfast? Which job have the children been selected for? Cleaning out chickens, guinea pigs & rabbits, pigs?? Who has been selected to do the milking?

It is safe to say the children who were cleaning out the pigs have decided that farming as a career is not for them!








The Tractor Ride





Homemade Butter Making Workshop




The Play Barn






The Final Activity - Archery



A fun time was had by all. Well done Year 3 you have almost completed this school year and we wish you well as you transition into Year 4.

We hope you have enjoyed viewing all the photos and can look back at how much the children have grown throughout this school year.

Thanks once again for all of the parental support we have had during 2018/2019, our aim all along has been to support your child achieve their very best and give them memorable, exciting learning experiences.